Harley-Davidson announces new tourers, cruisers, CVO bikes

Harley-Davidson has just taken the wraps off a lineup of new bikes for 2022, including a new Street Glide ST and Road Glide ST, a Low Rider S and Low Rider ST, and four machines in the Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) series. These machines all use the Milwaukee Eight 117 engine; the new Revolution Max is still confined to the Sportster S and Pan America lineup.

Here’s an overview of what to expect from all these bikes:

The new Low Rider ST tourer (foreground) and returning Low Rider S. Photo: Harley-Davidson

Low Rider S/Low Rider ST

The Low Rider has been a foundation of the Big Twin lineup for years, and Harley-Davidson has brought back the “performance cruiser kingpin” variant (the Low Rider S) and a touring variant (the Low Rider ST).

The Low Rider S is a familiar machine, with just a few tweaks to the re-introduced version. The Low Rider ST takes that formula and adds hard bags, a taller suspension (an inch more rear wheel travel, and seat raised 3/4 of an inch), and a frame-mounted fairing. There’s an optional stereo system, sourced from Rockford Fosgate.

Overall, the bike has that tight-and-high look that was originally popularized in California. Brad Richards, H-D’s VP of Design, attributed the Low Rider ST look to the old FXRT Sport Glide formula, particularly the fairing design.

“We took the iconic Motor Company design from the Eighties and gave it a new identity with a modern echo,” Richards said. You can find more info on the Low Rider S here (MSRP 23,799), and the Low Rider ST here (MSRP $26,799).

The Road Glide ST combines performance technology with bagger styling. Photo: Harley-Davidson

Street Glide ST/Road Glide ST

The MotoAmerica King of the Baggers roadracing series has finally breathed some life back into the big-bore cruiser scene, and H-D is tying into that momentum with these new bikes. Both these machines have what Harley calls the “complete suite of Harley-Davidson Grand American Touring features including Reflex linked Brembo brakes with ABS, Boom! Box GTS infotainment system with color touch screen and navigation, cruise control and Daymaker LED headlamps.” The Street Glide ST comes with Harley-Davidson’s batwing fairing, the Road Glide ST has a frame-mounted sharknose fairing.

Although these machines may seem like the same old bagger formula, just re-heated, Harley-Davidson points out they have linked brakes with cornering ABS, as well as multi-mode traction control and other up-to-date electronics, to go with that massive 117 engine. More deets on the Road Glide ST here (MSRP $36,999); info on the Street Glide ST here ($36,399 MSRP).

Harley-Davidson’s new Street Glide ST, Road Glide ST and Low Rider ST. Photo: Harley-Davidson

Custom Vehicle Operations models

These limited-production factory custom bikes from Harley-Davidson’s Custom Vehicle Operations department are flashed-up versions of the MoCo’s big-bore cruisers. Of course, they come with the Milwaukee Eight 117. Harley says “Other standard features include a premium Harley-Davidson® Audio powered by Rockford Fosgate system, a Boom! Audio 30K Bluetooth Helmet Headset, and Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements by Harley-Davidson.” Below, see H-D’s breakdown of the models, bike-by bike:

  • CVO Street Glide Model is a super-premium bagger for the rider who rolls loud and proud. The classic silhouette of the batwing fairing topped with jaw-dropping paint and finish details, premium audio and the pavement-peeling power of the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine make this one outrageous bike.
  • CVO Road Glide Model is designed for the rider who wants to run out front behind its distinctive dual LED headlamps, frame-mounted shark nose fairing and the unrelenting performance of the Milwaukee-Eight 117 powertrain. Powerhouse audio, an exclusive 21-inch front wheel, fabulous custom paint and extraordinary attention to detail complete this very desirable bike.
  • CVO Road Glide Limited Model is loaded with luxury and long-haul comfort, head-turning style and power that always satisfies. Premium audio, heated seats and grips, and the aerodynamic Road Glide model shark nose fairing make this motorcycle the ultimate Harley-Davison Touring machine.
  • CVO Tri Glide Model is a super-premium trike offering distinctive style, powerful performance and long-haul touring capability plus the added confidence of a third wheel. The CVO Tri Glide is loaded with premium audio, luxurious comfort features and an astounding finish and attention to detail, on a chassis designed from the wheels up as a trike.

Again, these are limited-production machines, and the price tag reflects that. You can see the new machines at Harley-Davidson’s website here.


  1. Ok the price of $27.000 plus PDI $500.00 [ or more ] and tax @ 15% is $4050.00 = And the out the door total of $31550.00. and the f*CKING THING DOES NOT EVEN HAVE TUNZ.! [ ALTHOUGH YOU CAN BUY THE TUNZ FOR $1.200.00 OR MORE ] LARGE FAIL ON MANY LEVELS!

  2. Never ending spin cycle. I’ll be in a nursing home before they ever build a totally new bike from the bottom up on their own. That Pan America couldn’t ever be completely conceived and built in Milwaukee from paper to the finished product from the same engineers. It took them 4 years to resolve the oil pump problem on the M8.

  3. What happened to the planned Bronx? What happened to ANY effort to attract new riders? What about bikes under the $10,000 MSRP? Or how about GIVING UP ON INDIA COMPLETELY?

    I love Harley, but do not respect the 10 year long cuckolding they have given their lineup. Its like they willfully gave up at any signs of new success, outside their bloated cruiser lineup. The new ADV is great but late, their Street 750/500 was aborted too early, and their model differentiation is downright confusing. USED HARLEYS are a better deal to be honest.

    As a millennial, I can say that very few of us would ever own one. “If I had a million dollars” is the only possibility to do so. Too much weight, too much chrome, too much money, for bikes that shamelessly cater to their old and dying fanbase. Horrible gas mileage too which affects the “freedom factor”, especially at a time where prices are set to increase and stay high.

    The most popular Harley right now is a Big Block Mobility Scooter (See Harley TRI-GLIDE), and their CEO is a tenured, inactive board member since 2007 – who hasn’t done anything except show up. Virtually absent form the Motorcycle world, this man offers nothing in terms of creativity or vision. He isn’t even American, and he is at the helm of an American Icon? Seems to me someone just assumed the role because nobody else wanted it.

    Thanks to Reganomics, Harley has been floundering ever since the 1980s, never having any need to innovate until now………which may be too late!

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