KTM overhauls the 1290 Super Duke GT

The KTM Super Duke GT is back for 2022 with some updates, although it’s not yet confirmed for the Canadian market.

The V-twin LC8 engine has been overhauled to meet the latest emissions standards, but that’s all we know about it. Presumably, it makes about 175 hp, same as the previous edition of the bike.

The major changes come elsewhere. For 2022, the WP Apex Pro semi-active suspension now has an anti-dive function. KTM has introduced this feature on all its machines with semi-active suspension; it’s not the first time the industry has gone down this road, as OEMs also tried this idea in the mid-1980s. Many riders didn’t like the feel of it then, and ended up removing the anti-dive device. On KTM’s modern version of anti-dive tech, you can simply turn off the technology electronically.

There’s a new 7-inch TFT screen on the GT model for 2022 as well. This large screen is useful for riders who want to use their dash for turn-by-turn navigation. Speaking of which, KTM also has a new smartphone-based navigation app for 2022, debuting on the GT (but planned to spread to the other flagship 1290 models). This new Turn-by-turn PLUS app is powered by technology from Sygic, a well-known name in the world of mobile navigation technology.

The new navigation app can be used offline, and seems to offer riders basically the same capability that you needed an expensive GPS unit for in years gone by, not to mention a computer to run the map software.

Other new points: The Super Duke 1290 GT gets the same lightweight wheels as the Super Duke R model, which should greatly improve handling. There are new handlebar switches as well.

Otherwise, you’re getting the same basic GT package: A massive 23-litre fuel tank, a windscreen, and hard luggage. This is a naked bike that’s been given just the skimpiest dress-up to handle hard miles.

Alas, we have no confirmation for Canada yet, and we don’t expect to see it confirmed for the start of 2022’s riding season, anyway. Maybe we’ll get it later, if enough people want the machine.




  1. I loved riding the Gen2 superduke R but it was a bit too impractical for me. This really is the one-bike solution. I hope they bring it to Canada!

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