Honda announces NT1100 in Euro market

Hey kids, want a new fun and relatively affordable sport tourer? Honda’s got you, fam. Check out the new NT1100, available in Europe, but not yet confirmed for Canada.

Photo: Honda

Honda announced this new-for-2022 model this week, but it was no secret; everyone knew it was coming thanks to an image leaked to social media, plus months of rumours even before that.

So what’s the new bike all about? It’s about a liquid-cooled parallel twin engine, the same engine that’s used in the Rebel 1100 (aka the Super Rebel) and the Africa Twin. The 1084 cc twin is supposed to make 100 hp at 7250rpm. It also comes with an electronics package similar to the Africa Twin: Urban, Rain, Tour, and two user-set riding modes. Three-level traction control and wheelie control are standard. Cruise control is also standard. And, there will be a twist-and-go DCT version.

The electronic features, along with other vital details, are displayed on a combined TFT and LCD screen readout. The TFT is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for infotainment purposes.

The steel frame and aluminum subframe are also the same as the Africa Twin, but the suspension, bodywork and 17-inch aluminum wheels are obviously different. The suspension relies on 43 mm single-function Showa SFF-BP forks, with dial preload adjuster and 150 mm stroke. In back there’s a Showa shock with dial preload adjuster and 150 mm axle travel.

The bodywork is similar to other Euro long-haul bikes, and comes with a windscreen adjustable for height and angle. Those panniers are standard; Honda even generously included heated grips on the stock machine. Very, very nice.

At this point, we haven’t seen Canadian pricing or availability.


  1. Hey Hey “name of day”
    The Africa Twin is one fine bike.
    I’m in Canada and I’m on my second Africa Twin…now riding a 2020 DCT.

  2. With a shaft drive you’ll still need a stand of some sort for tire changes. Contemporary chains are much better than their old cousins. I’m happier with the mechanical simplicity of the chain. Shafts rob power and add weight. Belts are another bag of BS too.

  3. Add a shaft drive and this would totally out compete the R1250RT. I’m pretty sure the last Honda NT model had shaft drive. Honda could even make the center stand optional if it came with shaft drive.

  4. Honda UK NT1100 is £1050 cheaper than Africa Twat comparing base models
    At Hondud Cantada 2020 Twat costs $16 499,NT1100 should be around $15 300 if it gets here

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