Racing roundup: Moto2, MotoGP

Triumph's Moto2 engine helps keep the company involved in the GP scene, with technological innovation trickling down to customers at the street level. Photo: Triumph

Triumph extends Moto2 deal

Triumph’s deal to provide Moto2 engines has been extended for three more years, through the 2024 racing season.

Currently, Triumph provides  high-spec 765 cc three-cylinder engines to all Moto2 teams, as the spec engine for the series. The triple makes more than 138 horsepower, and is based on the Street Triple RS engine.

Previously, Honda supplied four-cylinder 600 engines to the series, with Triumph taking over the role in 2019. The deal has been beneficial to both Triumph and MotoGP. Triumph gets a foot inside MotoGP without the expense of a factory team in the premier class. The lessons learned from manufacturing high-performance engines should also benefit Hinckley as it builds performance bikes for its customers; we’ve already seen a street-legal bike based on the Moto2 project, and it seems likely there will be more to come.

As for MotoGP, organizers went into the Triumph deal hoping to add more horsepower to the Moto2 class, and this three-cylinder engine does just that. So, everybody’s happy so far, and that’s why we see the deal renewed through 2024.

Steve Sargent, Triumph’s Chief Product Officer, said “”Moto2 has been the perfect environment to showcase, and prove the reliability and performance advantages of, our triple engines, where we have seen the top 20 qualifying times consistently come within a second of each other. Not only has it raised our profile and credibility on the world stage, for me the success of Moto2 has also been an incredible catalyst, reigniting the passion for racing within Triumph motorcycles.”

Vinales to Aprilia, already!

After getting the boot from Yamaha’s factory MotoGP team, Maverick Vinales was headed for Aprilia’s squad in 2022—but now, it seems he’s getting a head start on that gig.

Vinales is riding for Aprilia at the August 31-September 1 Misano test. He hasn’t been confirmed for any races under Aprilia’s flag this year, but if things go well at Misano, it would be no surprise if he wrapped up this season riding for Aprilia.

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