Video: Fastest wet lap around Nurburgring?

If you’re a fan of motorsports, chances are you’ve heard of the Nurburgring, long considered one of Europe’s most dicey tracks. And, if you’re really keen, Andy Carlile’s name might ring a bell.

Carlile is a highly-respected go-fast guy at the ‘ring. He’s set the top three motorcycle lap times at that track (we showed you his 7’10” run here, almost a decade back). Now, he’s just uploaded a video of a run around Nurburgring in the wet. See the impressive results above.

Carlile was riding an older Yamaha R1 (this write-up doesn’t specify what exact model/year, but he previously ran a salvaged 2005 model, with carbon-fibre wheels, modified suspension and brakes, and considerable weight-reduction). He was on Dunlop rain tires. He also explains the somewhat odd lines taken in the video above by saying certain parts of the Nurburgring track get ultra-sketchy in the wet, meaning you’ve got to know which angle to take once the clouds open up.

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