CSBK plans third round for 2021

2021 Canadian Superbike breakout star, Alex Dumas. Photo: Brian & Christine Couture

This weekend is the second round of the Canadian Superbike championship, with all classes racing at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Up until now, we expected this to be the end of the season, with the Pro Superbike tripleheader resulting in a five-race series.

Now, a CSBK press release says there’s another round coming! It’s practically a throwaway line at the end of the latest release, but here’s what it tells us:

This weekend’s action won’t be the final National event of the season for CSBK, with a third and final round planned for Calabogie Motorsports Park in mid-September to be announced shortly.

No surprise that the finale will be at Calabogie—CSBK and Pro 6 are working closely together these days, and Pro 6 works closely with Calabogie. All the racers will likely be happy to have a series with more than two race weekends, and if the second Calabogie event is a doubleheader (very likely), we’ll see a seven-race series, a proper full-length campaign.

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