New Can-Am Ryker 900 Sport expected for 2022

The base-model Ryker 900 returns for 2022 as well. Photo: Can-Am

If you can believe the documents that regulators are filing online, it seems Can-Am is about to release a new entry in the Ryker three-wheeler lineup. The good people at have uncovered regulatory filings for a new Ryker 900 Sport, expected for next year. says both the Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board have approved the new machine, which will debut as a 2022 model. Presumably, if it’s good enough for the American market, we will also see it come into Canada next season.

The write-up at also notes the Ryker 900 Rally seems to have disappeared from the lineup. When Can-Am introduced the Ryker series back in 2018, the Rally was supposed to be a semi-ADV machine. We described it this way: “This machine is intended to be able to handle a bit of off-pavement adventure, with KYB suspension (an inch more travel than the base model), more aggressive tires, handguards, “structural enhancements” (beefed-up frame?), handguards, and a Rally driving mode that’s supposed to let you hoon about in the gravel.”

Maybe Can-Am is replacing that machine with something better-suited for the dirt, or maybe it’s an idea that’s lost its luster.

The regulatory filings in the US also seem to indicate the new Ryker 900 Sport will have the same three-cylinder ACE engine as current 900 models, making almost 82 hp at 8000 rpm. If Can-Am is planning to make this a sport model, the changes must be planned for somewhere other than the engine.

Why build a sport-oriented three-wheeler? Can-Am likely wants to avoid being seen as a company that just builds products for boomers. A sporty Ryker, at a price that younger buyers can afford, would fill that bill.


  1. Bubba,
    I have only rode a Ryker Rally once but I agree with you about the steering. Twitchy is one definition, scary is another.

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