Report: Suzuki about to debut GSX-S1000T sport tourer

According to Internet moto-sleuth Ben Purvis, Suzuki is about debut the GSX-S1000T, a new sport-tourer based on the GSX-S1000 platform.

Back in April, Suzuki announced it was updating its sensible GSX-S1000. Technically speaking, that’s a naked bike, although like most naked bikes these days, it has plenty of plastic bodywork. For 2022, the GSX-S gets more horsepower (150 hp at 11,000 rpm), and reduced tailpipe emissions. It’s still based on the K5-series GSX-R engine, but gets a new catalytic converter.

The ride-by-wire throttle allows Suzuki to program three engine power modes into the bike, and include an up/down quickshifter (with assist clutch). Traction control and ABS come standard. There’s low-rpm assist, and an easy-start system. Up front, 310 mm brake discs come standard, with Brembo calipers.standard. See Suzuki’s reveal vid below:

Now, this story in Cycle World says Suzuki has filed new regulatory documents for a GSX-S1000T—presumably a touring version of this bike. Many of the important specs are identical: Same horsepower, same emissions, same wheelbase. However, the bike’s a bit heavier, and the bodywork is larger. Looks like it’s going to be a fully-faired bike, then, optimized for touring.

Sport touring isn’t exactly a massive market segment these days, but it’s not dead, either, and there’s less and less competition all the time. Suzuki has a history of recycling its sportbike tech into minimalist touring machines (See also: RF900R), and this would be a very budget-friendly way for Suzuki to stay in the game. BMW, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM and Ducati all sell sport tourers, but they’re all high-priced. Suzuki’s new 1000 might be a less pricey way to get into a proper mile-muncher.

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