MV Agusta F3 Rosso updates for 2021

Photo: MV Agusta

As MV Agusta continues to work towards stabilization and rebuilds its export business, the company has overhauled one of its more budget-minded models. The F3 Rosso gets chassis and engine updates for 2021, and no doubt a new price tag—although we still haven’t heard much about plans to bring it to Canada.

With Europe bringing in restrictive new emissions regulations for next year, the F3 Rosso’s inline triple has revised internals (particularly in the top end) to improve efficiency. While the engine still makes 147 hp, MV says it has more jam through the rev range, which is a ploy many manufacturers are aiming for right now: Basically unchanged at max output, but fatter mid-range.

MV Agusta put a new exhaust system (new can, new headers) on the F3 Rosso as part of this overhaul. The clutch is updated, as well as the quickshifter. There’s a new radiator (with bi-directional flow), and MV Agusta also revised the engine management electronics.

The safety electronics are new as well. There’s a new IMU (purpose-built for MV Agusta by an Italian company), with cornering ABS (powered by Continental) and leaning-sensitive traction control as standard. MV Agusta also revised the wheelie control system; now, it will allow controlled front end lift, instead of just keeping the wheel on the ground. There’s a new 5.5-inch TFT to control all the bike’s electronics, built to interface with the rider’s smartphone via the MV Ride app (which comes for iOS and Android).

Photo: MV Agusta

The frame gets minor revisions, with new swingarm connection and new frame plates to stiffen things up.

Altogether, it sounds like a decent generational update, and with MV Agusta reportedly renewing interest in North America, perhaps we’ll see these machines showing up in Canada in a few months.


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