More details on KTM 490 platform plans

Photo: KTM internal presentation

We’ve known about KTM’s upcoming 490 platform for months now, thanks to leaks from insider documents, but we’re still waiting for those bikes to make it to market. However, KTM seems pretty convinced the new machines will be a hit.

Reportedly, KTM’s Indian partner (and minority owner) Bajaj is actually building a new factory to produce the 490 series. Indian moto-magazines report the production facility will be located in Chakan, reportedly opening for 2023. It’s speculated KTM’s 200 and 390 production will move there, as well as some Triumph production. Remember, Bajaj also has a deal to build made-in-India Triumph motorcycles in coming months.

Along with the KTM-badged 490 models, there’s also supposed to be a new 501 Svartpilen and 501 Vitpilen model, based on the same platform but using Husky’s edgy naked bike styling. We learned about these bikes months ago, and we’re still waiting, just as we are with the 490s. With the coronavirus pandemic currently disrupting moto production, expect at least another year of waiting, with production realistically unlikely to start until the new Chakan plant is open.



  1. If they can make the 490 Adventure for the US and Canada I bet they would seeing the 390 Adventure gets good reviews in the videos I watch about them. And some guy in a video took a stock 390 Adv offroad into some serious stuff and he went slow and it worked great.
    Seeing I am overweight since the lockdown as I stopped working out I would get the 490 but I do not want to wait and am looking to get the 390 soon.

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