Royal Enfield launches Meteor 350 in North America

The base Meteor comes in sensible colours, but pay more and you can get all sorts of flashy options. There's also a wide range of factory accessories available as well, like the backrest seen here. Photo: Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield says its new Meteor 350 cruiser should be here in coming weeks, although we still don’t know Canadian pricing.

We do know US pricing though. The American MSRP range starts at $4,400 before taxes and fees, which works out to roughly $5,550 CAD. That would make sense in Canada—Royal Enfield would likely want this to come in under the Honda Rebel 300’s pricing, at $5,899.

What’s the Meteor 350 all about?

We saw our first official glimpse of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 when it launched in India last year. It’s a basic, understressed cruiser design; the air/oil-cooled SOHC 350 cc single makes about 20 hp and 20 lb-ft of torque. The bike weighs 420 pounds at the curb; 19-inch front wheel is standard, and 17-inch rear, with disc brakes front and rear.

Although it’s a classic-styled cruiser, the Meteor 350 comes with dual-channel ABS, EFI, and optional Tripper navigation system, providing turn-by-turn navigation powered by Google Maps. LED lights come standard.

The Meteor 350 will be available in three trim levels. Fireball is the most basic, followed by Stellar, then Supernova.

Suitability for Canada?

The relatively docile engine will no doubt turn off some riders, but this could be an appealing option for others, thanks to flashy paint and a low seat height. Royal Enfield seems to be targeting this bike towards newer motorcyclists in North America, so maybe we’ll see a focused effort in that segment.

For now, it’s going to be hard to see the machine in person, as Royal Enfield’s Canadian dealership presence is notoriously spotty. However, the company’s bigwigs say they’re expanding the Canadian presence; maybe we’ll see more bikes available at more dealers this summer.


  1. My mistake just read a CYCLE WORLD REVIEW 17.4 HP. FAIL! We want the CSC SAN GABRIEL 250 CAFE RACER at under $2500.00 US. CSC HAS GREAT PRODUCTS AT GREAT PRICES!

    • We have never ridden a CSC at CMG. I don’t think they’re bringing them into Canada anymore, but if they are, the prices are probably not competitive–at least, that was the problem in the past.

  2. just not enough dealers, and the three in ontario do not carry enough stock or openly display prices to warrant contemplation as a brand.

    • Oh man. I wish I had a buck for every time I heard *anyone* in the know complain about stuff like this.

      The bikes seem great, but you can’t find them for sale.

  3. Well here it is. $5899.00 REALLY? Ok then $5899.00 plus PDI $500.00 / plus shipping $500.00 / plus tax at 15% = $885.00 / GRAND TOTAL OUT THE DOOR PRICE IS $7784.00 FAIL Alot of dosh for 20 HP. I offer $4999.00 out the door concidering these sell for x3 fish heads and a bag of rice in the home country.

    • What an absurd amount of money. They’ll just sit on the floor until the dealer slashes the prices to the point where they only make their fees in profit, and they never order in another Meteor again because it’s not worth it to them. The RE Continental GT 535 was an amazing looking bike and the two dealers I know had them on the floor for 2 to 3 years before they sold them.

      • Yes, $8,000.00 out the door is too much for this bike. They seem to have priced the bike when the Can$ was .70US$. Can$ is now over .80 US$.

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