Here’s the Harley-Davidson Pan America production line

Photo: Harley-Davidson

The Pan America 1250 is a big deal for Harley-Davidson—such a big deal, that they took a film crew to the factory to watch the first one roll off the assembly line.

In this YouTube video, Harley-Davidson shows us the factory in York, Pennsylvania, where the company is assembling these bikes. The manufacturing process starts in Milwaukee, where Harley-Davidson builds the engine and transmission; the York factory makes the frame, gas tank, and fenders, and puts the whole bike together.

Harley-Davidson steps forward with Pan America 1250, Pan America 1250 Special

Earlier this week, Harley-Davidson announced a demo tour for the Pan America 1250 models, starting on April 16. Alas, at this point, the MoCo has only announced American dates. Harley-Davidson has usually run Test Our Metal demo tours across Canada, but with the whole coronavirus pandemic thing, that seems much less likely this year, especially since the dealer network just saw a significant trimming-down as well. We’ll let you know, if the company does announce a demo tour for Canada.

In our first look at the Pan America 1250, we pointed out this machine is a significant step forward for Harley-Davidson, with an engine that’s far more advanced than anything else the company has ever built—and far more powerful. Traction control, leaning-sensitive ABS, tricked-out electro-suspension and LED cornering headlight are all available, if you want to pay. The spec sheet falls right in the middle of the existing 1200-class adventure motorcycle range from competitors, as does the price.

MSRP starts at $20,999 for the standard Pan America, and rises to $24,199 for the Pan America Special. For more details, head over to Harley-Davidson’s website.


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