Honda Canada has announced that Android Auto integration will be available on the current-model Gold Wing. Honda’s flagship model became the world’s first production motorcycle to feature Apple CarPlay integration in October 2017.

Those with an Android smartphone will be able to access media, music, phone calls and messages. Riders can access functions via the interface or voice activated Google Assistant. The software release is expected to be available June 2020. The software update release is anticipated to be available in June 2020.


  1. It’s about time.

    One thing about the Japanese, whether it’s cars or bikes – they’re really quite behind the times on software technology.

    I remember wondering why my CD player in my 2004 Accord couldn’t play MP3s.

    Full Apple CarPlay / Android Auto support has only appeared in many Japanese car models in the last year or two. Other companies have had it since 2015 or so.

    Choosing to support only Apple CarPlay is also a puzzling decision. Android Auto has been around almost as long, and while iPhones may be the single biggest selling brand, Android phones far outnumber them overall.

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