South African team triumphs at 2020 BMW GS Trophy

BMW’s GS Trophy wrapped up in New Zealand last week, with the South African team winning.

It’s the third win in a row for South Africa, which has proven dominant at the every-two-years challenge. This time around, the riders had a 2,500-km route through New Zealand’s North Island and South Island, with a lot of elevation and weather changes.

This year, there was no Canadian team at the GS Trophy, as some of the previous backers for the team had decided against supporting it this time. There were 22 teams in total, with riders from more than 40 countries. The riders were using the BMW F850 GS this time, not BMW’s larger R1250 GS.

The Italian and French teams were in close competition with the South African team this year, and the Dutch team managed fourth in the Trophy in its first year—no doubt they’ll prove highly competitive in years to come.

At this point, the location for the 2022 GS Trophy has not been named.

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