Help Rally For Rangers fund film project via Kickstarter

Rally For Rangers wants to put together a new documentary about its unique moto-project, and you can help the organization by funding it via Kickstarter.

Not familiar with Rally For Rangers? It’s not too well-known outside the adventure travel world, so don’t feel bad. Rally For Rangers is a non-profit organization that raises funds to donate motorcycles to park rangers in developing countries, to help them fight poaching and other crime. It’s a very practical approach to charity—according to the Kickstarter page, “By the end of 2020, Rally for Rangers and its volunteers will have personally delivered and donated over 125 new motorcycles to national parks in Mongolia, Argentina, Nepal, and Bhutan, helping to protect critically endangered species and threatened world heritage sites.

But like most of these sorts of projects, there’s always a need for more awareness, and more help. For that reason, Rally For Rangers is putting together a documentary about its work. The film will show the rangers the not-for-profit supports, and the wildlife, landscapes and history they protect. It’ll also show the behind-the-scenes work of the volunteers who are getting the motorcycles to the rangers. As the Kickstarter page says, “This documentary is a call to action.”

The goal is to raise just over $33,000 CAD by March 22, and it’s raised $16,290 so far. There are a few different levels of sponsorship, starting as low as $1 US. Several aftermarket manufacturers and other industry figures have gotten together a list of perks for sponsorship at higher costs. Find more about that, and other deets, here.


  1. Thanks so much for the information CMG, RFR is an amazing organization. I am happy to help out, if we all give a little it can make a big difference. Cam

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