Report: The reborn Honda CT125 is actually going to happen

It seems the Honda CT125 may be coming to market, but maybe under a different name.

The Honda CT125 concept bike that Mark saw at the Tokyo show seems likely to actually come to market.

The web-crawling sleuths at BikeSocial have been busily digging in the back corners of the Internet, and found Honda’s filed two different trademark applications for what appears to be this bike. Honda’s applied for the Hunter 125 and Trail 125 names in the US market (and, presumably, elsewhere in the world as well).

Does this mean we’ll see it in Canada? Hard to say. Honda’s selling its updated 125 Super Cub model (from which this is derived) in the US this year, but not in our market (at least it’s not on the Canadian website yet). In the US, the Super Cub sells for $3,649, just $300 more than the Grom. If those numbers extrapolated to Canada, we’d expect to see the Trail 125/Hunter 125 in a similar price bracket, perhaps around $4,500 MSRP.

If it was brought here, it would almost certainly sell, as the original CT models from the 1970s and 1980s are still extremely popular with their users. They’re getting harder and harder to find every year, as collectors snap up the good-condition examples, and backwoods hijinks are inevitably wearing out the others.


  1. Great news, folks. I was visiting one of my local (Vancouver) Honda dealers this afternoon, and had it confirmed that the CT125 will be hitting Canadian floors this September. Woohoo! No word on the exact pricing yet, though.

  2. It would be great if the CT came to Germany too. We have the new monkey and the super cub, but nobody wants them because they are far too impractical.

  3. I had a Trail 110 some 25 years ago & loved it. But today electric rules! The Segway X260 is a far more capable off-road bike for this category.

    Last winter I hauled 4 Sur-rons (think of them as pre-production Segways) down to Cabo. The boys & I have battle-tested these little beasts in the rugged Baja environment with only one breakdown in 3,000 km. They’re a blast and can handle all but deep sand. Even then the motors have kept ice cool – Yah, that shocked us too!!

    Consequently, I’m listing my 2 KTM 500 EXC desert sleds for sale (Cabo) and doubt I’ll ever purchase another internal combustion bike. Honda, are you listening??

  4. does any one know what the top speed is and is it a carburettor type engine or fuel injected I had a ct110 until recently and have regretted selling it ever since does any one have any idea on a release date and if they are going to be sold in australia

  5. It all comes down to projected sales- If Honda Canada believes the sales are there, they will eventually bring them in. The US will take all that Honda can produce. Canadians will have to make a lot of noise about this model. If enough people ask at the motorcycle shows coming up, and send in lots of requests, the chances are a lot better!

  6. Honda CANTada probably not sell enough Super Cub,Monkeys or CT 125 to justify the cost to sell them,
    it is run by accountants not people who like cars or motorcycle,its a business
    either that or they are incompetent ignoramuses
    The same thing is happening at Turdota(Toyota) CANTada

  7. Honda has been one of the leaders in recent years trying to bring new riders to the sport. If this bike doesn’t fit that philosophy, I don’t know what does.

  8. I would be the first in line to buy one…. if not two… one for myself and one for my wife to use around our cabin… come on Honda Canada. You need to bring this to the buyers.

  9. What the hell is going on with Honda or is it Canada? These are gems, the best thing to happen to economical transportation yet we cannot get it in Canada. NUTS!

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