Macau GP canceled after second red flag

The 53rd Macau GP motorcycle race ended up a bit of a mess over the weekend, with the race canceled after the second red flag incident.

In the aftermath, Michael Rutter was declared the winner based on a single lap of racing, which is sure to burn Peter Hickman, who was very much in contention for the win as well.

The first red flag came out after Rob Hodsen and Marek Cerveny had a crack-up on Lap 4; after the clean-up, the riders went back out again, with a mega-crash ensuing on Lap 8, putting  Michael Sweeney, Phillip Crowe, Ermo Kostamo, Derek Sheils, Didier Grams and Canadian ex-pat Dan Kruger on the ground.

Kruger, Kostamo and Sheils all ended up in hospital, although only Kostamo’s injuries were deemed serious enough for an overnight stay, as he ended up with spinal surgery. Supposedly, the operation was a success, and he’s going to be OK.

After Saturday’s debacle, the organizers were originally going to scrap the race’s results entirely, or maybe run it on Sunday. But, after deciding the timetable was too close on Sunday, they simply declared Rutter the winner, leaving something for street circuit racing fans to argue about for the next few months.

Hickman was declared second in the race, with David Johnson third. The win is Rutter’s ninth at Macau.

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