CFMoto 700CL-X: An interesting option from China

CFMoto has gotten out of the motorcycle business in Canada, and it’s too bad—the new machines it unveiled at EICMA certainly look promising.

CFMoto has been working with parallel twin engines in its 650-class motorcycles for some time now, and the new 700CL-X platform once again revisits that general plan.

CFMoto says the new motor should make about 74 horsepower, and 49 lb-ft of torque. It’s supposed to be an adaptation of KTM’s 790 engine design, with split con rods and forged piston (previously, CFMoto’s twins were based on the Kawasaki 650 design). Cruise control is standard, along with ABS and a Bluetooth-enabled LCD display.

There will be three new bikes built around this platform, including a sorta-retro (similar to the BMW R NineT), a sorta-adventure, and a naked bike (called the Sport, but definitely not a fully-faired sportbike).

Looking at them from a distance, you might get confused and think they’re the same bike, because they basically are. But the CL-X Adventure (in the title photo) gets spoked wheels and dirtbike-style handlebars. The CL-X Sport gets a stubby exhaust, sporty-looking rims, bar end mirrors, clip-ons and general streetfighter styling. And, the CL-X Heritage gets a vintage-looking leather seat, faux spoked wheels (they’re actually cast), and a more relaxed seating position.

We can’t see these bikes coming to Canada, but it’s a sign of how the Chinese motorcycle industry has come from building CG125 knock-offs, to building what appear to be good-looking, fun middleweights.


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