Yamaha unveils the Tricity 300 leaning three-wheeler


Yamaha put another entry into its leaning three-wheeler lineup, launching the Tricity 300 leaning three-wheeler at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Yamaha’s already got the Niken leaning three-wheeled motorcycle and Tricity 125 leaning three-wheeled scooter. The Tricity 300 splits the difference here, sort of; it’s powerful enough that you can leave town with it, but not built along hooligan bike lines like the Niken, meaning it’s much less silly-fast (duh, it’s a scooter), but also likely to be less silly-expensive.

Yamaha didn’t announce many details on the Tricity 300, or suggest that it’s coming to Canada. However, considering the decline in the maxi-scooter market in recent years, it’s interesting to consider the possibilities a machine like the Tricity brings to the table. In Japan, you don’t even need a motorcycle licence to ride the Tricity 300, only a car licence. In Canada, a machine that similarly removed barriers from riding could be the shot in the arm that the industry needs.


  1. Scooters are mainly for commuters. In Calgary we get snow every month of the year, except usually July/August. A scooter is for places that you can commute year round. In Canada that is Vancouver and lower Vancouver Island, albeit with very good rain gear. Luddites would rather that fun dies rather than accepting those losers on 3 wheels. That seems to be modern times. Do not accept anything or anyone who is different from you. Lets really hope our industry dies. Heavy V twin cruisers or 2 wheels (3 wheel HD or Gold Wing is exempt), that is it. Everyone else sucks. Never, ever wave to them or make them feel welcome.
    When did we become grumpy old men?

  2. I think TK4’s comment compliments Larry’s quite well. It’s not just maxi-scooters that have gone – look at Honda’s 2009 (oops, 2019) scooter range. A three-wheeled version of a two-wheeled vehicle that’s already not selling here isn’t likely to be too successful.

  3. I would prefer to see the Tmax return or the Xmax come here. The Japanese big four seem to have all but given up on scooters in Canada. Even the states gets a few more than we do. Has the maxi scooter market dried up everywhere or just here?

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