Honda brings improvements to 2020 Gold Wing


The updated Gold Wing has only been on the market for two years, but Honda has already brought out a list of upgrades for 2020.

Most of the updates are related to the Gold Wing’s handling; both the standard Wing and the Tour version get tweaked EFI for better low-speed rideability. The DCT versions also get revised transmission settings for slow-speed maneuverability. The left side saddlebag gets a second USB connector as standard now as well.

There are also modifications specific to the Tour model: updated suspension with improved front-back balance, LED fog lights as standard and larger passenger grab handles. All minor tweaks, but they should add up to a better bike.

Press release

2020 HONDA GOLD WING & GOLD WING TOUR – More comfortable and easier to maneuver

Markham, ON. October 23, 2019. – Model updates: In 2018 the Gold Wing was redesigned from the wheels up, with radical weight reduction, new frame, double wishbone front suspension, Apple CarPlay™, adjustable electric windscreen, Smart Key, 4 selectable riding modes, Hill Start Assist and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and 4 valves per cylinder on its monumental horizontally opposed 6 cylinder engine.

For 2020 the Gold Wing now benefits from updates to the electronic fuel injection (FI) and Dual Clutch transmission (DCT) to further improve both long distance comfort and slow speed manoeuvrability. In addition, the Gold Wing Tour models receive updates to the suspension and now come fitted with standard LED fog lights and larger passenger grab handles.


The Honda Gold Wing, since its introduction as a naked 1000 cc machine in 1975, has always been the ultimate in two-wheeled travel. And it’s a motorcycle that’s been very much on its own journey, growing in physical size and displacement over the decades, all the while creating an enduring and unrivalled reputation for luxury, quality and comfort.

For 2018 in response to the evolution of demographics and the motorcycle market, the development team in charge of the bike’s future made a radical departure from what would have been a traditional update trajectory. The GL1800 Gold Wing took a new direction and was brand new from the wheels-up, becoming sleeker, lighter and more agile – very much a rider’s motorcycle – while adding a host of new features to cement its reputation as a technological flagship. And as a result, the Gold Wing’s appeal became broader, reaching out to a younger generation of motorcyclists that may have overlooked – or simply not been aware of – the previous designs.

For 2020, improvements to suspension and slow speed manoeuvrability further complement the evocative, six-cylinder engine at the heart of Honda’s flagship premium tourer, which continues to deliver its unique avalanche of torque and power to transport rider and passenger in style.

2020 Key Feature Updates

  • ‘Tour’ versions now come with LED fog lights and larger passenger grab handles as standard
  • ‘Tour’ versions receive updates to suspension, improving overall front to back balance, comfort and performance
  • FI improvements to fine tune low speed manoeuvrability
  • Gold Wing’s DCT transmission controls have been further optimized for low speed maneuverability
  • Second USB connector is now standard inside the left side saddlebag


  1. If the new Goldwing would develop and install removable rear/top panniers, riders could look after maintenance such as checking rear tire air pressure without having to crawl around on hands and knees. I believe Honda would sell a lot more Goldwings if these changes were made. I’ve suggested this to Honda Canada at bike shows and to several dealers over the last couple years, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. I would definitely purchase a new Wing if these changes were incorporated.

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