CARB confirms BMW S1000 XR update

The Shiftcam engine utilizes variable valve timing on the intake to optimize delivery.

To nobody’s surprise, emissions documents have confirmed updates for the BMW S1000 XR.

BMW’s street-biased adventure tourer has always used the same basic engine as the S1000 RR superbike, although re-tuned for practicality. When BMW introduced the new Shiftcam-powered S1000 RR last fall, everyone figured it was just a matter of time before we saw the S1000 XR also updated with a similar engine, with variable valve timing.

A filing with the California Air Resources Board shows an updated S1000 XR is indeed on its way. Of course, that only deals with the bike’s emissions, and does not give us any indication as to other changes (suspension, frame, bodywork, electronics). However, the new engine will no doubt require changes to those components, and even if it didn’t, the realities of the market probably would.

We’d expect an official announcement for the new Beemer at EICMA, but given the amount of leaks we see pre-show season these days, the bike’s spec sheet and photos could all be dropped online tomorrow. So … stay tuned.

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