Now, almost anyone can afford a Harley-Davidson

If you don’t have the bread to buy yourself a new Harley-Davidson, cheer up: thanks to a team-up with Lego, just about anyone can afford a Fat Boy now.

Unlike the already-existing BMW GS Lego set, which is part of the Technic line, the Fat Boy is a Creator Expert set. It’s as much a model as it is a technical puzzle, but it does have plenty of moving parts, like the GS set. The Fat Boy model has moving engine pistons, throttle, gear shift, brake lever and the kickstand comes down as well, for parking on top of your desk. Of course, it also comes with a coating of Harley-Davidson logos.

The set is about 33 cm long, with 1,023 pieces. That’s impressive, but not as impressive as the life-sized Fat Boy that Lego made as part of this project. That model had  69,569 pieces, and took Lego’s builders a whopping 865 hours to put together.

That life-sized model isn’t for sale, but the Creator Expert version will be for sale next month. At this point, we haven’t seen an MSRP, but given the set’s complexity, it will certainly be pricey. For the sake of reference, the 603-piece GS set is now selling for almost $100 on So, truthfully, maybe not everyone will be able to afford this Harley-Davidson either, at least not without a bit of saving up.


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