Dainese Smart Jacket brings airbag tech to any motorcyclist


Dainese has unveiled a new airbag vest that’s supposed to work with any motorcycle jacket on the market.

There are a handful of companies building airbag suits these days, with Dainese really being the first to commercialize the concept. It’s changed MotoGP, with riders walking away from much tougher crashes than in the past, and presumably the street versions of these suits will also provide an added layer of safety to motorcyclists.

These airbag setups all have one problem: they require the buyer to not only buy the expensive airbag setup, but also buy an expensive suit that allows integration. The hefty price tag rules out many buyers.

However, a new Dainese airbag vest is reportedly designed to work with just about any motorcycle jacket on the market, as it will fit either under or over your jacket. Current airbag vests typically zip into the liner of a jacket.

Whenever it finally goes on sale in the US (it’s expected in the UK next month), it’ll cost $699.95 US, or about $940 CAD (expect a lower MSRP here, though, whenever it finally arrives). That’s a high price tag, but far less than any current system on the market here. For the sake of reference, the Alpinestars Revenant jacket CMG just reviewed costs $1,300 for the jacket and another $1,500 for the airbag system).

The new vest, called the Smart Jacket, offers the same amount of back protection as a Level 1 CE protector. It’s breathable, flowing air so you don’t get all grotty and sweaty underneath, but also made of waterproof/water-repellent material, so you can wear it in a downpour without worries. The built-in battery has a 26-hour life, and can be quick-charged.

For a more in-depth explanation of the Dainese D-Air system, check out the company’s website. At its core, it’s a smart system that uses sensors to detect the wearer’s crash, then inflates using microfilaments to ensure the airbag shapes correctly during deployment. It requires no connection to the motorcycle.

Dainese’s Smart Jacket appears to be somewhat of a descendant of a standalone system that was originally developed for the industrial sector, as Dainese also built a similar airbag vest to offer workers fall protection.

For more information on the new Smart Jacket, visit the Dainese website.

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