DAB offers Euro buyers a truly unique custom buying experience

Want a bike that’s built exactly how you want, and doesn’t look like anything else on the road? DAB can help, if you’re in Europe.

DAB Motors (based in France) is offering customers the chance to buy one-off supermoto-style bikes, based around the Husqvarna 510 engine, with an incredible amount of pre-purchase customization. At time of sale, the DAB LM-S will be certified Euro4-legal, meaning customers won’t be hassled by The Man when they take their bikes in for emissions or safety inspections.

This Euro4 certification also means the customers are unable to change the bike’s exhaust system as part of the DAB custom process. Nothing’s stopping them from doing so after they buy the bike, but DAB sells you a Euro4-certified system and won’t stick on a noisy can for you.

However, the amount of customization otherwise available is truly impressive; you can pick your own bodywork, handlebars, and opt in or out of ABS. You can also upgrade from the standard Kayaba adjustable suspension to more-expensive Ohlins forks and shock. There’s a wide range of paint customization possible through DAB’s online configuration tool. You can even specify which spoke nipples you want on your hubs. According to DAB’s website, “The customer is the lead designer in the process.” When you add up all the combinations available, there really is almost limitless possibility, outside of the chassis and powertrain.

Naturally, the more you tweak, the more the bike will cost, and with a starting price of €16,900, it’s not cheap even before the customization begins. But you have to give props to DAB for their venture, as it’s going to get more and more difficult too buy custom motorcycles in many markets, due to interference by regulators. DAB’s business model may be a big part of the way forward.

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