Is BMW about to put the 9cento concept into production?

The 9CENTO concept bike, sort of a combined sport tourer and adventure tourer, might appear in production form at EICMA.

Earlier this year, when BMW showed off its 9cento concept at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, we wondered how long it would take until it hit production. Now, we’re fairly certain it’s coming soon.

This certainty is thanks to spy photographers, who are at it again, shooting what appears to be a BMW F850 sport touring prototype as it’s put through its paces somewhere in Europe.

In keeping with tradition, we expected an F850 GT sport tourer soon; after all BMW had a parallel twin-powered sport tourer in the lineup for years. But when BMW showed off the 9cento in the spring, it announced it as “a look ahead to what an exciting new Adventure Sport model might look like.” In other words, this machine will be much more similar in concept to the S1000 XR adventure bike than it is to the R1250 RT.

The prototype that was spotted in Europe is basically a blacked-out version of the concept seen above, with hard bags, and an unconcerned rider. Hrm … if we were riding a top-secret prototype, we’d be a little more concerned about being spotted, we’d think …


  1. My 1998 R1100rt is the best street bike I’ve ever owned as well. The new GS 850 is completely different from the old version from what I’ve heard.

    The bike I find myself dreaming about however is that new Triumph Scrambler 1200. Somehow it captures the magic I felt when I saw my first motorcycle as a kid. I think I’m destined to own one.

  2. I hope it is better and smoother than the F800GT. I rented one in Vancouver last year and I was very underwhelmed. My sister’s Yamaha FZ-07 was/is better in every respect at much less cost. Smoother, better handling etc. And at every stop her bike was gathering a crowd, my rental bike zero interest. I have a 2010 R1200RT and it is the best all around street bike I have ever owned. But the F800GT did nothing for me. Of the 30 bikes I have ridden in the past 6 years, it was the only one I did not enjoy. My hands fell asleep within 30 minutes. From a 15K bike! No thanks. Cam

    • What year was the GT?

      Later versions had some engine revisions to address the very basic problems of the F800 platform — namely, vibration. But yes, I would tend to agree the F800 engine was very unsuitable for sport touring usage. I know that the F800 GS was very unpleasant once you pushed revs over 6500 rpm.

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