Kawasaki reveals updated ZX-6R

As predicted, Kawasaki has announced a revised ZX-6R supersport, and as predicted, the changes are mostly minor.

Team Green’s middleweight supersport has basically the same engine for 2019, with some slight tweaks to meet Euro4 emissions standards—supposedly the engine has more torque, but what exactly the changes are, Kawi hasn’t said yet. The frame is also the same.

What’s different, then? The ZX-6R now has a quickshifter, but it’s only for upshifts. The engine now has two riding modes. There’s new suspension (Showa balance free forks), along with new Nissin brakes, the bodywork is updated for 2019, complete with LED headlights, and the dash is new as well, with adjustable shift light and fuel range display.

Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tyres are standard on the new ZX-6R. There’s also a new 12V outlet for powering gadgets or heated gear while you ride.

We haven’t seen Canadian pricing or availability for the new ZX-6R yet, but expect it for the 2019 buying season, for sure.


  1. Eventually there is nothing left to do and stay within any sort of rider budget while keeping it any sort of reliable riddable motorcycle.

  2. I don’t understand modern advertising. Here’s the video of our brand new 600! Check it out! and then only show it with a jiggly frame for no more than 1/4 second at a time.

    • It looks like the 400. Other than that, none of the 600’s have changed that much in the last 7 or 8 years. Like the article stated “changes are mostly minor”. Much ado about nothing.

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