Vespa Electricca finally hits the market


Vespa has finally brought its Electricca scooter to market in Europe, with sales to start mid-November, the same time as the EICMA show.

Vespa first showed off its electric scooter at the 2016 EICMA show, but details were slim at the time. We know more now. Vespa says the machine will have a 100-km range, with a motor rated at 4 kw, equivalent to about 5 hp. Vespa says the Electricca’s performance will outdo a gasoline-powered 49 cc scooter on hill starts and general acceleration.

Recharge time is supposed to be about four hours, and the scooter can be recharged from a standard wall socket or from a specialized EV recharging station.

According to the press release, the  Electricca will be for sale in the US in January—no word yet on whether it will come to Canada, or what price tag it will carry when it gets here. It’s selling for  €6,390 in the EU; that works out to about $9,500 CAD, so we have a rough idea from that.

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