Harley-Davidson introduces new FXDR 114 muscle bike

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Along with other announcements regarding its 2019 lineup, Harley-Davidson debuted its FXDR 114 muscle bike today, built around the updated Softail platform.

The FXDR 114 is the 10th bike in the new Softail line, which kicked off last summer, replacing the old Softail and Dyna lines. As the name suggests, it’s powered by the 114 ci Milwaukee Eight V-twin engine, and it has several weight-cutting design features, including an aluminum swingarm and plenty of carbon-fibre bits as well, including front and rear fenders. As suits a muscle bike of this size, there’s a 240 mm rear tire.

The FXDR also has upside down front forks, and marketing copy seems to indicate it has the best lean angle capability of any of the Softail line.

Harley-Davidson says the new machine has 119 lb-ft max torque, which should certainly help it hustle along.

Max torque is 119 lb-ft. The front wheel is a 19-incher, the rear is an 18-incher. Road-ready, the bike weighs 303 kg. There’s 34 degrees of rake, and just under 12 cm of trail. Fuel capacity is 16.6 litres. Seat height is 723 mm.

Pricing for the new machine will start at $21,349 in Canada, with paint options adding extra. ABS is standard, as is a security system.

Lean angle is supposed to be better than any other Softail.

Other news: For 2018, the Boom! Box GTS audio system is standard on all CVOs, with the following details:

Boom! Box GTS infotainment system is standard on each 2019 CVO model.
Wireless Headset with Bluetooth interface to the Boom! Box GTS eliminates cables and enables the
same functions as wired headset with premium sound quality. The headset has a range of up to one
mile and can communicate with up to eight other compatible headsets. The CVO Limited model is
delivered with two wireless headsets; the CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide models include a
single headset.

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System displays current front and rear tyre pressure on the Boom!
Box screen and issues an alert when pressure is low to warn the rider to make a check, or if pressure
is being lost due to puncture.

CVO Street Glide: Six Boom!TM Stage II bi-amped speakers (paired in the fairing, lowers and
saddlebag lids) with 150 watts per channel from three separate 300-watt amplifiers for 900-watts
total power – the most outrageous factory-installed Harley-Davidson audio system designed to
surround the rider in rich, clear sound.

CVO Limited: Four Boom! Stage I speakers (paired in fairing and Tour-Pak® carrier) powered by a
single amplifier and 75-watts per channel.

CVO Road Glide: Four Boom! Stage II bi-amped speakers (paired in fairing and saddlebag lids)
with 150-watts of power per channel from two separate 300-watt amplifiers for 600-watts total

There are also new paint and wheel options for the CVOs, the CVO Limited gets a 19-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear, and the CVO Road Glide gets some new bodywork and a new intake.

Harley-Davidson also announced the 114 ci version of the Milwaukee Eight engine will be available on some models from the Touring line, as well as the Trike lineup. The Trikes also get revised handling, with ABS and linked brakes, traction control and revised suspension. Trikes and Touring models with Boom! Box audio systems also get Apple Car Play compatibility, which is a big upgrade for some tech-friendly buyers who love their tunes.

For more details on the upgraded bikes as well as newly available accessories, riding gear and other bits, visit Harley-Davidson.com.


  1. “several weight-cutting design features”
    Yeah right. I see they got the weight all the way down to 668 pounds, heheh…

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