Yamaha Tracer 900 GT is coming to Canada!

Last fall, when Yamaha announced it was replacing the FJ-09 with the Tracer 900, it also announced the GT version. Now, it’s announced the GT is coming to Canada.

The Tracer is pretty similar to the FJ-09, but with revised bodywork, longer swingarm, new seat and handlebars, new subframe, and some other trim. The GT takes the improvement a lot further, with heated grips, a quickshifter, fully-adjustable forks and a preload-adjustable monoshock, and 22-litre sidecases. In other words, most of what you need to get started touring.

Originally, the GT version was slated to go to the US, but not Canada, and some Canadian riders were very unhappy about that. But that’s changed now, and Yamaha says the bike will be here in July, with an MSRP of  $14,599, available in black or grey.


Up-spec Tracer 900 GT represents sport touring, refined

June 6, 2018 (Toronto, ON) – For Canadian motorcyclists looking for a premium sport touring experience without the premium cost, Yamaha has introduced the 2019 Tracer 900 GT.

Based on the latest Tracer 900 (formerly FJ-09) revised in 2018, the GT version of this versatile sport tourer comes with increased comfort and convenience for the rider who demands high specification as standard. The Tracer 900 has long been praised for its harmonious mix of sport performance and all-day comfort; the GT version brings a refined quality to this already respected platform.

Highlighting the amenities of the Tracer 900 GT are standard, colour-matched 22-litre hard cases and a full-colour thin film transistor (TFT) instrument screen. Enhanced rider comfort comes from standard heated grips and cruise control, while a quickshifter and upgraded, fully-adjustable suspension take the GT’s sportiness to the next level.

The 2019 Tracer 900 GT retains all of the hallmarks that have made the FJ-09/Tracer 900 a success on the streets, including the intoxicating 847 cc “CP3” crossplane-concept inline triple, three drive modes, traction control, ABS and a relaxed, upright riding position.

Updates carried over from the newest variation of the Tracer 900 include new bodywork, a larger, adjustable windscreen, revised seat design, new passenger footrests and hand grips, and a longer swingarm for improved drive and handling.

The Tracer 900 GT comes in black metallic and bluish gray, carries an MSRP of $14,599, and is expected to arrive in Canadian dealerships by July of 2018.


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  1. Again, thank you very much Yamaha. I did complain a lot when the they first announced it wasn’t coming to Canada, but I’m glad common sense prevailed.

    I’ll be ordering one for sure!!! I’ll visit the dealers over the weekend and see if I can put a deposit already, or if I have to wait until July…

  2. Also happy to see that they are bringing in a model in something other than black or satin grey, with purple (deep purplish blue metallic) wheels. Not that that’s a bad look, but Yamaha has used it on so many damn models, including my 2003 Fazer 8. I would definitely go for the grey version. Maybe next year, once I settle my current employment issues.

  3. That’s a bit more of a premium over the standard Tracer 900 than I was hoping for, but then it does include the (somewhat smallish) saddlebags as well as all the other upgrades.

    If I hadn’t just gotten a layoff notice last week I’d be in line to get one, I think. As it as, I think I’ll keep riding my paid-for Fazer 8.

  4. That is great news!

    Yamaha finally came to their senses… As one of their frequent client I (bike, boat and music) I was insulted by their initial decision not to import the GT in Canada.

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