Harley-Davidson recall


Recall #: 2018058
Models Involved: 2008-2011 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, Electra Glide Police, Electra Glide Ultra Classic, Night Rod, Police Road King, Road Glide, Road Glide Ultra, Road Glide Special, Road King, Road King Classic, V-Rod
Number of Vehicles:
Problem: On certain motorcycles, the antilock brake system (ABS) valve may malfunction if the brake fluid is not flushed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended service interval.
Correction: Dealers will perform a brake fluid flush using updated fluid.


  1. Hey guys , update , picked up bike , rode it tested brakes ….. anti lock kicked in . Hmm mm. ….. so I dont know what to think other than Harley now has no liability for possible defect or recall ABS pump. Seems like a slick way to generate absolution or a sale of an improved ABS unit at my cost. Now that the bike has had a unit failed under stress test on the books I’m out of luck if there’s an innsodent or for warrenty, looks like . The bike is an x police unit so well maintained and since I took it over has minimum 1 to 2 brake fluid changes per season. Several other bikes were in the shop waiting to get new ABS units . What do you think I should do ? Just thought I’d share . Doug Munro.

  2. Went in for brake “flush” recall today Sept 26 19. My antilock was working fine . After the mechanics cycled my abs with new fluid it failed , my brakes no longer work . I had to get a lift home . I was told I was lucky they failed in shop and handed a quote for 1600.00 to fix the new problem . The service of my fluid is done once a year. Free recall or reason for up sell . The abs should last , there is ongoing problems with these systems , why am I now stuck paying and without a bike . Parts for repair not in Stock for several days . Douglas Munro.

  3. No recourse though for people who have had to replace the ABS malfunction if this problem has occurred. I am left with a cost out of my pocket of about $1500 to get this safety issue fixed. Harley Davidson tells me that they will cover $0 for this repair. They are only responsible for the brake fluid flush and be dmaned to the customers who’s brakes have failed.

  4. You guys realise that the bike you have pictured isn’t included in the recall right? You’re showing a hundredth anniversary edition/2003, which didn’t have ABS. Your article says 2008+ Vehicles were effected. Might want to update the pic.

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