KTM introduces new Freeride E-XC enduro model

KTM has moved its electric offroad motorcycle line forward with the new Freeride E-XC enduro.

KTM already had electric off-road bikes in the lineup, but the latest entry in the series is considerably more developed, with a Sony lithium-ion battery that has 50 per cent more capacity than the battery previously used (although it’s interchangeable with that battery).

This has allowed for a comparative increase in riding time, and also allows KTM to increase peak power over the previous model. Now, output is close to a 250 E-XC model, says KTM (roughly 24 peak HP, and 42 Nm of torque).

The liquid-cooled 16 kW motor now has three riding modes, including a regenerative mode that allows the rider to retain some of the energy lost through rear wheel braking—handy on long downhill descents. Styling is also updated.

Interestingly, KTM will lease the battery and charger to clients; it’s supposed to retain 70 per cent of its charge after 700 charges, but presumably, this arrangement will allow buyers to keep their batteries up-to-date as they age, by trading in.

Naturally, the bike uses suspension from KTM subsidiary WP; the Freeride E-XC has XPlor 43 forks and PDS Xplor shock.

We assume the Freeride E-XC is coming to Canada, but haven’t been given a price or availability from the Canadian subsidiary.


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