Lewis Hamilton, MV Agusta team-up results in F4 LH44

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton and MV Agusta have teamed up again to build another special edition motorcycle, the F4 LH44.

Previously, the three-time F1 champ and MV Agusta had combined forces to create a special version of the Dragster RR, unveiled at EICMA in 2015. Like that bike, the F4 LH44 is mostly just a fancy paint job.

Underneath that livery (there was much ballyhoo in the presser about the ink-based paint, etc.) is a MV Agusta F4 RC, with only slight modifications. A 4-1 exhaust replaces the standard system, as part of a race kit that supposedly boosts output to 212 hp (with help from a specialized ECU). There’s also upgraded suspension front and rear, courtesy of Ohlins; up front, MV Agusta included NIX 30 TiN-coated forks, and there’s a TTX 36 shock in rear. There’s also a fair bit of carbon-fibre bodywork.

According to the MV Agusta press release, “The customisation that led to the creation of the F4 LH44 was based on a continuous, direct, dialogue between the British Formula 1 champion and the CRC (Castiglioni Research Center) workshop where every MV Agusta takes shape. Ideas, suggestions, preferences, perception: the creative process was long, with attention paid to the bike’s every last detail. Each individual idea was meticulously assessed and checked in terms of its feasibility, flair and functionality.” In other words, if you don’t like it, blame Lewis Hamilton; it was all his ideas.

But whether you like it or not is probably a moot point. There will only be 44 of these machines built, and chances are that you’ll never see one on Canadian roads (especially with the price tag over 50,000 Euros). It’s not a machine that most owners will likely use much anyway. This bike is about bragging rights, and keeping MV Agusta’s name in the press.


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