BC boy sees stolen motorcycle returned, with note of apology


It’s a rare motorcycle theft story that has a happy ending, but here’s one from Mission, BC.

The story started last month when Bobby Dumaresq woke up to find the dirt bike he’d bought his kids for Christmas had been stolen, Global News reports. He was upset, but wasn’t able to do much about it. However, his girlfriend posted information on the bike in local Facebook groups, hoping for some information that would lead to the bike’s return.

To their surprise, when she left the house the next day, his girlfriend saw that not only had the bike been returned, but the thieves had filled the tank with gas, included a new lock, and even left a note of apology, which read:

“Hello. Well we should start by saying sorry for stealing your son’s bike. Although not an excuse, me and my friend figured it would belong to some teenager who had outgrown it. When we read your Facebook post, we immediately knew we had to take it back to him.

We’ve bought him a new, more secure lock as the previous one was already broken. The keys are in with the bike. For the future take the keys inside with you. I know we aren’t really in a place to give you advice but the heartbreak your son must have felt upon discovering his bike missing should never be relived.

We have filled the tank and topped up the oil for him. Again we really are sorry for putting him through all this. We wish you two the best in your journeys riding and we hope you both can find it in your hearts to forgive us.

Ride on little man, you deserve it!”

So all’s well, but we’re guessing the bike will probably put away in a shed at night from now on …


  1. The last words (excluded from your text but on the letter) are “via restorative justice”. This means they were caught by police and didn’t have a criminal record yet. As youths they can use a program called restorative justice. Part of that program is writing an apology to avoid charge. I wouldn’t give them 100% credit as your story is written with only partial fact. The illusion of good faith in this article was nearly complete….

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