Prep the rescue team: Touratech taking R NineT to Red Bull Romaniacs

Touratech is continuing to take BMW motorcycles further than the bikes were originally designed for, but its latest project might prove a little too ambitious.

Last time we saw a cool Touratech-modded Beemer, it was the R1200 GS Rambler, which hit the Internet last January. A mad mash-up of an F800 GS, R1200 R and R1200 GS, the Rambler truly pushed the limits of what many people consider possible for a 1200-class GS.

Now, Touratech has turned its attention to the R NineT. Starting today, it’s got a rider aboard a modified version of that oil-cooled flat twin, headed for the madness of Red Bull Romaniacs.

Of course, the bike’s running gear looks very different from the suspension and sneakers that come with your typical R NineT (you can see Touratech’s list of modifications here, if you can read German or want to use Google Translate). However, Red Bull Romaniacs is one of the world’s hardest off-road races, and many smaller bike’s don’t finish, even outside the time limit. How will this behemoth fare? We’re guessing that no matter what the answer is, the video footage will be spectacular.

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