“Duck driver” who caused fatal Quebec crash loses appeal


Emma Czornobaj, the driver who stopped to help ducks across a Quebec road, causing a Harley-Davidson rider and passenger to die after hitting her car, has lost her appeal of her conviction and sentence.

It’s been a while since it’s been in the news, but Czornobaj originally made news back in 2010 when she stopped her car in the left lane of a busy highway to help a family of ducks. Her actions resulted in a vehicle crash that killed a motorcyclist and his daughter (riding pillion), who slammed into the back of her car at speed.

In 2014, Czornobaj was found guilty of criminal negligence causing death, and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 240 hours of community service and was also handed a 10-year driving ban. But, within weeks she was back on the road again, as she launched an appeal of her sentence and conviction.

Last week, though, a Quebec Court of Appeal handed down a 35-page ruling that upheld the earlier decision. Czornobaj had appeared before the appeal court in April. In the written decision, Justice Etienne Parent said the punishment fit the severity of the offence, and that “I recall that the period of incarceration inflicted on the appellant, 90 days to be served in a discontinued fashion, is an exceptionally lenient punishment.”


  1. Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200, Go to Jail. Same thing happened to a buddy of mine and I was split second from joining him in the hospital. Left lane, multi lane highway, morning rush hour and someone decides to lock em up for ducks. Outside of their brains. Go to Jail and stay off the highway for a very, very long time.

  2. She’s obviously a complete idiot. As such she might not deserve jail time, but she certainly should not be driving.

    One more proof Quebec justice system is a joke!

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