Spied (again)! Indian moto-press claims this is new Royal Enfield 750


More photos of the Royal Enfield Continental GT 750 have surfaced in India.

At least, the moto-press in India is claiming these photos show a new twin-cylinder prototype coming from Royal Enfield—there has certainly been no official confirmation, and the Indian motorcycle press is not correct all the time.

The bike (see more photos here) appears to be the same machine as this one spotted in March, but the engine cases look nothing like this one spotted last summer. In fact, the latest shots show an engine that looks a lot like something from a 1960s Brit bike, with smooth, rounded cam covers and side case. The earlier photos showed a parallel twin which looked more similar to a mid-80s UJM.

Some early spy shots also seemed to show the Royal Enfield with carburetors, and these snaps seem to show a fuel injection system.

However, the rest of the bike’s chassis and general layout seems to be similar to what we spotted last year. The oil cooler is mounted in the same place, the signal lights and taillight appear the same.

The next question is, will we see it in Canada, and when? Many months after appearing on the market, the Royal Enfield Himalayan still hasn’t made it to North America, and there are rumblings of serious quality control issues with that bike. That’s unsurprising, as the bike’s original promotional video famously showed a footpeg snapping off as the factory rider landed a jump. Hopefully, if the rumours are true, Royal Enfield will be able to sort out the problems and deliver reliable machines to our market in the near future.

Thanks for the tip, Chairman Maose!


  1. That engine looks totally bad-ass. I think we’ll see an updated Series 3 Interceptor (That’s the one they made prototypes of in 1970 but never made into production–Hitchcock’s built one from spares you can see on google images). I hope it’s available by next year’s riding season. From the “specs” it looks like it has the same numbers as a mid-1970s Bonneville. It was able to hold its own very well on the highway.

    • The casings and fins look great. A style long lost on motorcycles. Sadly it’s a RE and it will produce all of 40bhp.

      • “A style long lost on motorcycles.”

        One may blame that on good ideas and forethought.

        Remember the air-oil cooled GSX-Rs from 31 years back?
        Yes. That was 31 years ago.

        • Sure, of course things have improved dramatically, but the space bike thing is ridicules. I can see why there’s a resurgence in cafe racer’s. Riding around and looking like a Power Ranger is just lame.

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