Honda CB650F available in Canada this summer

The Honda CB650F will be for sale in Canada this year, starting in August, and the CBR650 will be returning as well.

Coming in as a 2018 model, Honda’s middleweight naked CB650F will only be available in one colour (red). Honda Canada has not announced an MSRP for the CB650F yet.

Of course, the fully-faired CBR650 sport bike has already been available in Canada for years (here’s Costa’s review, and here are Michael Uhlarik’s thoughts on that bike). The CBR650 was also not imported as a 2016 model, but according to Honda’s website, will be returning as a 2018 model; presumably, those bikes will show up around the same time as the CB650F. No MSRP has been listed for the updated CBR650.

The CBR650 and CB650F both received updates for this year. The engine now makes just under 90 horsepower – more than any Japanese competitor in the middleweight naked bike class. Both bikes also got new Showa forks with dual-bending valve technology, and upgraded brakes and bodywork. See more about the revisions in our EICMA coverage here.

6 thoughts on “Honda CB650F available in Canada this summer”

  1. It looks pretty bland IMHO…
    They (Honda) should have produced the CB4 Concept instead. (google it, sharpest looking Honda I’ve ever seen!)

    1. Sorry, have to disagree,
      As a mature rider, with an iconic Honda CB1, the CB4 project looks like an immature teen’s wet dream,
      The CB650F, is perfect in a lot of ways, except for the compact exhaust, and thankfully there are several solutions to that,
      Simple, upright riding position, easy to maintain, easy to look at, great mid-size power and low insurance – When you’re my age, bland is just fine, although I would hardly call the CB650F “Bland”

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