Quebec to offer motorcycle refresher courses


The province of Quebec is offering two motorcycle skills refresher courses this month.

The first course runs in Mirabel on Saturday, May 6. The next is in Quebec City on May 13. The courses combine an exhibitors fair (with aftemarket retailers and other businesses) with indoor presentations and outdoor riding clinics. The Quebec City event will also have a mechanics’ workshop, teaching you how to keep your ride road-ready.

For more details, check out the Quebec provincial government’s website here. There are rain dates listed, and other information on what exactly to expect at the sessions.


  1. This is Québec, the government is involved in everything… I wonder if it means the government is playing another angle when it comes to motorcycling. Given the enormous popularity of motorcycles in Quebec maybe they figured the purely hostile approach would be a bit dicey! Or maybe they’re just trying to revamp their image. It’s still expensive and complicated to obtain a license.

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