Cosmo Connected offers rear brake light, emergency notifications


The Cosmo Connected helmet accessory is designed to keep you safer when you ride, but to alert your emergency contacts if things go wrong.

In an age when motorcyclists are looking forward to the age of smart helmets, the Connected is a smart helmet accessory. It combines a rear-facing brake light (12 LEDs), at eye level of car drivers, intended to act as an extra reminder for cagers to slow down. It’s activated when it detects deceleration, but can also be programmed to blink as a hazard light.

If something goes wrong and you do crash, the built-in gyroscope can detect when you’ve had an off. In that scenario, it can send a message to emergency responders with your GPS coordinates. It can also be programmed to send notifications to other contacts (family and friends), including notifications of arrival and departure times..

The Connected is made from lightweight polycarbonate and EPDM rubber and weighs just 5.3 ounces, and is powered by a lithium-ion battery which is supposed to last eight hours on a charge.

Right now, Cosmo is trying to raise money for the Connected through a Kickstarter program; you can find more details, and pricing, there. Pricing will start at $149 when the Connected hits the market.


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