Rumour: New Suzuki GSXR-750 is coming

The latest moto-gossip has a new Suzuki GSX-R750 coming soon.

The backroom buzz (we saw it on Asphalt & Rubber, who heard it from AMCN …) says the new Suzuki GSX-R750 won’t be a ground-up redesign, like this year’s new GSX-R1000, but will instead be a refresh of the current model, adding electronics and other improvements, but keeping much of the engine and chassis intact.

If it’s true, that approach could be a pretty cagey move for Suzuki. While many supersport fans would love to see a new 600 on the market, there are already two Japanese 600s with the latest electronic bells and whistles (Kawasaki’s ZX-6 and the new Yamaha R6). None of the Big Four are competing with Suzuki in the 750 sportbike market right now, and the Gixxer 750 has long been a flagship of Suzuki’s lineup. An updated 750 would generate interest in a market segment that Suzuki would theoretically dominate.

As it stands, the current GSX-R750 doesn’t meet changing European emissions standards, so Suzuki will have to do something if it wants to keep selling middleweight sportbikes in Europe.

As for the GSX-R600: Honda seems to have abandoned the 600 class, at least temporarily, and it wouldn’t be a shock to see Suzuki do the same.

There just isn’t as much interest in supersports as there once was, with squids openly mocking 600 riders on the Internet forums for riding “girly bikes,” much as some Harley-Davidson enthusiasts love to poo-poo Sportster riders. With roadracing in decline in North America, as well as the buying power of young riders (formerly a huge part of the success of the 600 class), and no sign of insurance relief, don’t be surprised if some manufacturers’ supersports end up like the 650 dual sport class: just filling out the lineup in less emissions-conscious countries, until they’re finally given the axe.

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