REV’IT Discovery Outdry are the adventure boots riders have been asking for


The REV’IT Discovery Outdry could prove to be the adventure riding boot that people have been waiting for, as long as it’s durable enough.

For a long time now, adventure riders have been asking for a new kind of riding boot, one that offers protection but makes them look less like Mad Max, and is also comfortable off the bike. It’s not hard to see why; your average adventure riding boot hasn’t changed much since motocross boots were first developed back in the 1970s.

Modern ADV boots have improved waterproofing, they have comfortable insoles, and they’re much more breathable, but they’re still bulky and heavy, and the buckles have a tendency to break off at the worst time.

The REV’IT Discovery Outdry boots have taken a different approach, starting with a BOA lacing system. They aren’t the first motorcycle boots to use this system, but they’re the first dedicated adventure boots we’ve seen with BOA closure. Of course, other sports (snowmobiling, snowboarding) have used BOA closure for years.

BOA closure allows the boot to be more streamlined, lighter, and potentially quicker to get on and off. And, once you leave the bike, they’re probably easier to walk around in, although we can’t say that for sure without testing them ourselves.

The REV’IT Pioneer Outdry boots are almost identical to the Discovery Outdry boots, but they’re shorter. Depending how aggressively you ride off-road, that might not be a problem.

However, the system does come with its disadvantages, particularly a  lack of redundancy. On an adventure boot with three buckles, you can still buckle the boot shut if one breaks. If the BOA wire breaks, it may not be possible to fix easily on the road. This is a problem faced by fishermen, who use BOA closure on wading boots — read more about that here. It’s possible some sort of bootlace could be jury-rigged in a pinch, but that’s not something you want to deal with for half a round-the-world trip.

Other than the BOA closure and some fresh styling, the Outdry boots also feature an OutDry waterproof membrane (presumably a proprietary component from REV’IT), a shin guard and protection in shank, toe, heel, and ankle, and Vibram sole with EVA insole for comfort.

REV’IT is also making a shorter version of the Discovery boot, called the Pioneer OutDry, which appears to be almost identical. Presumably, this is aimed at the street touring market, although many adventure riders will also consider a shorter boot if they aren’t as concerned with off-road protection.


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