Girfalco Azkarra breaks cover

You’ve never heard of the Girfalco Azkarra, but it’s coming soon, from Quebec.

Girfalco, based in Boucherville, Quebec, has announced the Azkarra and Azkarra S electric three-wheelers, to be produced in limited numbers. The base model Azkarra will only see 100 units built, Girfalco says, with no production figures given for the upscale S model.

What do you get for your money ($67,500 and $97,500 respectively)? The base Azkarra model is said to make 0-100 kph in 4.5 seconds, the Azkarra S should do that in 2.5 seconds, Girfalco says — “based on conservative simulations.” In other words, nobody’s done it yet, and none of the photos here look like physically completed vehicles.

The Azkarra makes 72 hp of continuous power and 100 hp peak. The S model makes 217 hp continuous power, and 301 peak hp. To control that power, the S model will have torque vectoring, gauging and limiting torque to each wheel. Girfalcon claims that’s a first for a three-wheeled vehicle.

Top speed will be limited to 200 kph for the base model, and 240 kph for the S model.

The S model does pay a weight penalty, as it requires three motors to make all that horsepower (it’s AWD, too, while the base model is RWD). It hits the scales at 510 kg, while the Azkarra base model weighs in at 480 kg. Girfalco is claming a 200 km range, with an 80 per cent recharge doable in 30 minutes with a Level Three charger.

The frame is tubular steel, and the front suspension is a double wishbone setup with push rods; the standard model is non-adjustable, but the S model is adjustable for rebound and compression. The rear suspension has a single-sided swingarm, and is non-adjustable on either model.

Front brakes are 280 mm discs mated to four-piston calipers. The rear brake has a single 280 mm disc with two-piston caliper.

Both models will come with a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

Along with power and open-wheel fun, the Azkarra models will both have a host of options for factory customization, although it will come at an extra cost ($10,000 to create a “unique edition,” says the press release). Girfalco says these vehicles will be ready for pre-orders in mid-January, requiring a refundable deposit. But hurry up, if you want one: supposedly, production objective for 2017 is 25 vehicles, although word is that might change if demand is high.


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