Soon, peer-to-peer motorcycle rental could be possible

Ever been away from home, and wanted to go for a ride? With Speed Stable, that might soon be a possibility, even if you’re hours away from a motorcycle rental outfit.

Taking advantage of business ideas already pioneered by the likes of Uber and AirBnB, entrepreneur Steve Sharp is working on a new social media platform that combines motorcycle rentals with “citizen journalism.” His site will offer users the chance to deal with other motorcyclists to rent their bikes, instead of dealing with traditional outlets like EagleRider. It also allows users to list their own bikes for rental.

On top of that functionality, Speed Stable will also document riding routes through the USA, with stops along the way listed and rated by end users.

All this functionality will be available through their website, but it also appears Speed Stable is working on an app to offer the same features.

For now, while it’s interesting, it’s also clear to see the issues that could arise with this app, particularly if motorcycles rented are in dangerous condition, or if a user crashes another user’s bike. And Speed Stable certainly isn’t the first attempt to build a social platform that shares information on top riding routes. However, we’ll keep an eye on it, and if it gets off the ground, we’ll see what it’s all about in the future.

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