Video shows GTA bike mob trolling police

An Instagram video from Toronto is showing more of the mob-style sportbike hoonery we told you about last month; this time, the riders are trolling the police.

The video has been taken down for now, but it  appears to be shot on the Gardiner Expressway and shows a pack of sportbike riders performing stunts while they ride through the GTA. Then, a police cruiser they’ve boxed in appears on camera.

CBC contacted the police about the video, and were told it was unclear when the video was taken or whether any charges were laid.

In the US, this sort of pack riding is fairly common. You can find plenty of evidence of it if you search YouTube. However, it’s mostly new to Canada, and it’s going to be interesting to see what the police response will be after a winter’s off-season to come up with a plan to fight it.


  1. Twenty five years ago I saw the OPP slow down traffic on the 400 by forming a solid wall of cop cars filling every lane to hold up traffic. I have no doubt they would do something like that again to corral a bunch like this. And I’d applaud them doing it.

  2. This video is from before the Mississauga ride that was widely publicized when it happened. It appears that someone in the media is digging up similar videos, regardless of the date on them.

  3. Close the highway, like road block it and round them up. Impound the bikes, fine them all $10000 for stunting and who ever doesn’t have insurance, max out the fines there as well.

    Speeding would be tough to make stick as it would be hard to collect evidence ie radar. There are enough highway cameras that collecting evidence of stunting would be fairly easy.

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