Video: Ed March posts update on wintertime crossing of Canada!

Ed March has published his second video update detailing his ride across Canada in the winter with partner-in-crime Rachel Lasham.

The YouTube video is just under 44 minutes long, providing details of what Ed and Rachel faced riding from Alberta to Newfoundland through thousands of kilometres of snow — and several brushes with The Law, including their now-infamous dust-up with the highway patrol in Quebec.

Needless to say, there’s plenty of salty language within, especially when they deal with the police of La Belle Province, and Ed actually runs a disclaimer at the start of the video, so consider yourself warned of the NSFW language. But if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to ride across Canada in the winter, watch this video, and then you’ll know. You’ll also know what places to avoid, at least if you’re on a Honda C90 in the middle of snowplow season.


  1. I’m SOOOO glad that I finally got the chance to see this. These are some of the best videos I’ve ever seen about life as a grand adventure. Ed and Rachel rank as some of my favourite imaginary friends. <3

  2. Fantastic trip – Thanks for documenting it. So glad that we Canadians made up for the trials!

    Been avidly watching all the episodes.

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