Ottawa rider banned from city after allegedly pointing imitation handgun

An Ontario man who allegedly pointed an imitation handgun at other motorists while riding has been banned from the city of Ottawa.

Rumours of a gun-toting rider spread around the city of Ottawa like wildfire last month, culminating in a plea from the police, asking for the public’s help in locating the suspect. Supposedly, the rider was threatening motorists with what appeared to be a handgun if they didn’t get out of his way quickly.

It wasn’t long until they had a man in custody, who turned himself in after police found the motorcycle they were looking for. Supposedly, the suspect was nabbed after trying to sell the bike on Kijiji, and the machine’s previous owner helped the police locate him when he recognized the bike from photos of the suspect.

At the time, the police indicated the suspect was previously known to them. It turns out he was on probation after being previously convicted of impersonating a police officer. With the latest alleged escapades, there are now 20 charges against him, the Ottawa Citizen reports, including charges for weapons offenses and breach of probation, assault with a weapon, and gas theft.

As a result, a judge has ordered him to stay out of the city, after releasing him on a $15,000 bond. Now, the 25-year-old is only allowed to visit Ottawa for court or medical appearances, or counseling, and must be accompanied by one of his parents when he does so. He apparently lives with them in Almonte, which is about 50 kilometres south-west of Ottawa. It’s a somewhat unusual ruling, but maybe the judge felt the best way to handle this alleged gunslinger was the way of the Wild West: Tell him to stay out of town, or else.

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