Remembering Rob

Editor Richardson was on the CBC again last week, talking to the host in Windsor, Ontario, about Founding Editor Rob Harris and taking over the Big Chair from him. Take a listen.


  1. Apologies if I’m too late, or this is the wrong format to address the sadness surrounding Rob. I just found out yesterday (23 June). I’m clearly out of the motorcycle news loop and have not talked to Rob in 7 – 8 years.
    Many years ago Rob assisted me with a few motorcycle related Ontario Provincial Police stories and he and I shared bikes during a road test of my personal 2001 Triumph Bonneville. I’m now glad I have the memories of him leading the group of riders on my nice green Triumph, it’s suddenly become much more important to me.
    Not being a close friend of Rob I’m reluctant to go into any detail about what a pleasant person Rob was, and after reading Mark Richardson’s tribute to Rob I have nothing of any substance to add other than this guy was a remarkable and genuine blend of kindness, humor and talent. What a father Rob must have been.

    Thank you for the wonderful article Mark, and good luck to all who are missing Rob.

    Bob Paterson – Toronto

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