Family trying to raise funds to bring brother home after Thailand crash

A Canadian family has turned to GoFundMe to raise money to deal with the results of a bike crash in Thailand.

Early in May, David Connolly suffered a serious motorcycle crash while traveling in Thailand, resulting in punctured lungs, broken ribs, pelvis, vertebrae and hip, torn back muscles and internal bleeding. To complicate things, Connolly also has a rare blood type, and had trouble getting the needed transfusions.

Now, his family is flying him home this weekend, but his medical bills and transportation costs are very high (he requires highly specialized air ambulance service). You can find more details on their GoFundMe page, but essentially, his family is trying to raise $120,000 to help meet the financial need — Connolly did not have travel insurance. The flight alone costs $60,000.

Along with private pledges, they’re hosting a fundraiser in Winnipeg next week, and are open to other ideas, if you have any that could help.

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