Guy Martin breaks Wall of Death record

Guy Martin might be taking a break from the Isle of Man TT this year, but he’s still living on the edge; yesterday, he managed to set a new speed record for the Wall of Death in a live-for-TV event.

Martin set the record on two motorcycles. First, he broke the old 60 mph record on a customized Indian Scout, at 70.33 mph. Not bad! Considering the Indian brand’s history at fairgrounds (vintage Indians are still in regular use at carnival Walls in North America), the modern machine was an appropriate bike for the task.

However, recreating history, Martin then outdid the Indian on a Brit bike — in this case, a modified vintage BSA. He hit 78.3 mph on the wall on his R3, and wanted to go back for more, but the show presenters shut him down. That might have been a wise choice, as Martin admitted the G force had interfered with his vision, as he hit 5.2 G at one point. Does this mean we’ll see him try the record again, this time with an anti-G suit, as worn by pilots? Don’t put it past Martin to try. If a broken back won’t stop him, surely a few Gs are nothing to overcome.

You can see Martin talk about his record-breaking run (and other unrelated diesel mechanic stuff) on YouTube here. The Wall used was specifically built for this event, with a 40-metre diameter — supposedly the largest ever built, which no doubt helped Martin with his attempt.


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