Florida woman to lose reptilian riding partner

Dogs riding motorcycles? That’s nothing new. But a Florida woman, perhaps deciding that route was to blasé, has taken things a bit further, and has been riding around with an alligator on board — and now the government is to seize her pet.

The woman in question is Mary Thorn, a retired wrestler living in Lakeland, Florida. She has had her pet alligator for about 11 years, according to Mashable.

The alligator (named Rambo), has had a life full of ups and downs. Ups include the fact that he’s grown to 125 pounds and over six feet long, and goes on motorcycle rides with Thorn. Downsides include the fact his owner likes to dress him up in human clothes, and he’s about to lose out on all those motorcycle rides, thanks to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

But, the wildlife officials aren’t stepping in because they’re worried about Rambo’s safety aboard Thorn’s UJM (it seems she uses a baby seat to carry him around on her motorcycle). Apparently, there’s a rule in Florida that says once a pet gator grows six feet long, the owner must have two-and-a-half acres of property to let them roam, and Thorn doesn’t have that much land. She says the alligator doesn’t like being outside anyway, and is hoping to change the government’s mind. After all, it’s not as if motorcycle-riding alligators are easy to find.

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